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Many of you will probably be running the Thames Trot for charity, some of you will be doing as part of your training for something bigger. Well Rob Shenton will be running the Thames Trot for both.

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For Rob the Thames Trot is where his journey into Ultra running started. Rob is a serving member of the Armed Forces and in 2008 Rob was in Afghanistan when he was told his father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He came back to support his family, however he decided to do that little bit more and raise money for the cancer charities helping his father. After three months training Rob was on the start line for the Thames Trot and managed to raise about £2,000 for the charities.

In 2009 Rob's father unfortunately died of cancer. Before then Rob had already decided he was going to run the Marathon des Sables in April this year. Fittingly he is running to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, who cared for his father in his final days.

Rob admits the past two years has been a voyage of discovery not only coping without his father but also building up to being able to take on the toughest foot race on earth. If you wish to follow Rob on what has been an amazing journey, or sponsor him go to: www.runningrob.com 

ISRAEL ARCHULETTA  Virgin Ultra race report – A step into the unknown

The Go Beyond Northants 35 mile ultramarathon had been on my schedule since February 2010 as a training race to get me in proper fitness to complete a 100km ultramarathon in Mongolia.......... 

I woke up with a terrible pain in my left Achilles/calf area that felt like I'd torn the tendon. I stretched a lot not knowing much else that could help at this point, and also applied lots of cold water and Icy/Hot ointment, but the pain did not subside. I took Friday off and desperately wished to take Saturday off, but did not want to miss Andy Mouncey's ultra/trail running clinic. I quite enjoyed all he had to teach us, and learned a lot of practical skills to apply to my ultra running........   

Sunday morning brought calmness as I was relaxed and well prepared to start a full day of running. Barely arriving at the starting line 14 minutes before the start, I fumbled around with last minute preparations and started off at 10:00 am with over 100 other great runners. The first two or three miles brought lots of excited chatter from the other runners around me as I heard most of them were attempting their first ultra; all had their own expectations, strategies, hopes, and fears........ 
Israel Finished his first ultra marathon in 7 hours 57 miutes.

Wow, how extraordinary. My journey was only one of a 67 other journeys, of runners who managed to Go Beyond their comfort zones, face challenges, and experience the unforgettable journey of completing an ultramarathon. For me, 44 miles I will finish, and so will 100 kilometers. No problem.

Read the entire report at :

Go Beyond Ultra Go Beyond Ultra Go Beyond Ultra

Go Beyond Ultra
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